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You will find a good number of social studies resources on these pages for kindergarten. At this time they include the topic of community helpers. You’ll find vocabulary cards, flash cards, and I Have Who Has game, a matching game, puzzles, job description worksheets, and more!

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Community Helpers Matching - Match the Helpers to the Buildings

Community Helpers

Have you ever met a community helper who wasn’t needed to help your neighborhood, school, or city run smoothly? We all have a job to do and every job serves a purpose. Community helpers come in all shapes and sizes and they’re all around us.

Why not invite a local fireman, librarian, or doctor to come to your classroom and share with your kids what their job is like, who they help, and how they serve their community? You will find that some of your student’s parents would love to come and share about their jobs, if you just asked! Have them bring their gear, too. Maybe a doctor could listen to a heartbeat, a fireman put his helmet on a student’s head, or a mechanic show the kids how to use some tools. The kids love seeing (though maybe not handling) all the cool stuff grown ups work with every day.