You will find a treasure trove of math worksheets on these pages! Need some counting worksheets? No problem! We’ve got all kinds. Some addition worksheets? We’ve got those, too. Geometry worksheets? Coming right up! Telling time worksheets so your kids know what time it is? Yes, we’ve got those, too. Did I mention addition and subtraction flashcards and worksheets? There are lots of those, too. So step right up, take your pick and then come back for more.

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CCSS  All worksheets and other resources are aligned with standards as applicable.

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missing addends - sums of 11 - happy pirate


We have addition worksheets and activities for kindergarten and first grade at this time. All our materials for kindergarten go up to sums of 10. The first grade worksheets are missing addend worksheets for sums of 11-20. Kindergarten starts with adding with pictures and then children move on to adding with numbers. Our flash cards will be a great help. Spend the recommended 10 minutes per day using flash cards and before you know it you’ll be a pro!

Go to this page in our bookstore to look at some books about addition to further complement your lessons.

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Equal Sets - Animals that Hop - Comparison Worksheets

Comparing Sets

Comparing sets of objects, numbers and objects, or just numbers can be challenging even for the youngest kids. You will find all kinds of comparison worksheets here in great themes to compliment your comparison units. Your kids will enjoy the fun pictures and you will be reinforcing the needed concepts. At this time we have comparison worksheets for kindergarten that cover the concepts of equal sets, greater than and less than, and more and less. Check them out and as always please enjoy them!

12 worksheets

one-to-one correspondence


In the worksheets in the sections below you’ll find lots of fun things for your kids to do to master their counting skills. You will find basic worksheets for one-to-one correspondence, writing and tracing numbers, counting the objects on the page, cutting and gluing, filling in the missing numbers, of course, opportunities to color, and more!

Numbers and learning to count go together! Check out all the Numbers worksheets, too.

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fractions with pattern blocks hexagons

Fractions and Whole Numbers

The resources available in this section are specifically for third grade at this time. They include fraction strips, circle fractions, how to create equal fractional parts of a circle, and fractions with pattern blocks. The fraction strips and circle fraction sections have reference pages showing fractional parts. These come in color and black and white. You will find plenty of coloring and creative opportunities with the cut and glue worksheets. Cutting things in pieces is part of life! What will your circles become? A pizza? A cake?

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Plane Shapes - Drawing Shapes - Kindergarten Geometry


Geometry can be tons of fun, especially in the lower grades. The resources are usually bright and colorful, sometimes with smiley faces and the concepts are relatively easy to learn. So, get out your attribute blocks, pencils, crayons and your thinking caps! You can circle shapes, create shapes, and make things out of shapes. Of course, kids need to identify and describe shapes (number of sides and corners!) which are also just as important.

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Number Cards 1-20 - Playing Cards - Numbers Deck - Math Card Games


As children learn to count they learn the symbols for the numbers that correspond to the number words. Not only do they learn to say them in a sequential order, but they also learn to write them in sequential order. This can be a lot of hard work for little minds! These tracing and writing worksheets are just what you need to help with growing your little student’s minds.

100+ worksheets

Numbers and counting go together so be sure and check out our counting worksheets, too!

AB Patterns - Beach Fun! - Patterns Worksheets


While recognizing patterns is no longer a required standard with the Common Core, it is included on this site for several reasons. One, patterns are part of our environment and our daily lives.  Whether you call it a routine, a rhythm, or a pattern, the sun comes up every day and it goes down every day. We all get up, get dressed, and go to work or school. Secondly, discovering a pattern is fun! Kids I’ve observed always seem to enjoy counting out objects and guessing which one comes next. Lastly, it’s another simple way to instill confidence in kids.

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Left and Right - My Book of Left and Right - Position Words

Positional Words

Positional words can be a bit tricky. Sometimes we take for granted kids know the words and the meaning that relates where things are, i.e. what position they’re in. But this isn’t always so. These worksheets help kids figure that out and keep those terms straight. So far the words addressed in this section are: before, after, between; left and right; and top, middle, bottom. They include numbers, letters and objects. These skills are appropriate for kindergarten and/or first grade.

34 worksheets

Big and Small - Matching Objects

Classifying & Sorting

Classifying & sorting can be thought of as putting things together in groups that share a common quality or feature. An example would be to circle all the squares on the page. Sorting can also be based on more than one feature. An example would be to put all the red marbles into the red bag and all the blue marbles into the blue bag. Here you are sorting by marble and bag color. It seems all “very elementary my dear Watson” as Sherlock Holmes would say, but when you get to be a grown up then you get to sort things like $10 bills and $20 bills (or $50 and $100 bills! Or maybe quarters, nickels and dimes!)!

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subtraction flash cards - 0s - within 5 - b&w


The subtraction resources on this page so far include flash card sets for kindergarten and first grade. If you look at each page there are lots of sets to keep you busy learning these facts for some time! All of the flash card sets come in simple black & white and color-coded versions, depending on which suits your needs, or your style! More worksheets are on the horizon in the near future. Keep your eyes open for them.

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Telling Time to the Hour with Big Clocks #1

Telling Time

Learning to tell the time is one of the most practical math skills kids will learn. Maybe these skills won’t be used as often when children are young as when they are older, but they definitely will be used. Just think for a minute how many times you check the time each day or even just wonder what time it is. Probably more than you think! At this time, you’ll find below some awesome telling time worksheets specifically created for first grade.