Language Arts

You will find a treasure trove of language arts worksheets on these pages! Need some lined writing paper? No problem! We’ve got all kinds. Some reading comprehension worksheets? We’ve got those, too. Phonics worksheets? Coming right up! Printing practice to get those letters printed really well? Yes, we’ve got those, too. Did I mention sight words flashcards and sight word worksheets? There are lots of those, too. So step right up, take your pick and then come back for more.

800+ language arts worksheets.

CCSS  All worksheets and other resources are aligned with standards as applicable.

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Printing           Reading Comprehension          Sight Words

ABC Worksheets - Letter A - Alphabet Worksheets


A, B, C, D…. every child loves to learn their alphabet letters!  Use the variety of bright and colorful resources on this page to help them along.  Post the letters on your classroom bulletin boards, use them when teaching lessons for each letter, or use them for matching games and putting the letters in the sequential order.  Post them on a white board and have kids use a pointer to identify the letter you call out.  Use your imagination and have fun with these resources!

220+ resources

Print Awareness - Pocket Chart Cards - Tall Letters

Concepts About Print

Concepts of print covers a wide range of basic topics that can be pretty much assumed all kids know. This includes the basics about books like how to properly hold a book, how to turn the pages, how to read from left to right and from the top of the page to the bottom of the page, and what we call the parts of a book. It also includes the concept that letters are put together to make words, words put together make sentences and sentences put together tell stories or give information. The fact that sentences have structure with capitalization and punctuation marks also falls into this category. This section of growing resources was created to support you in teaching these concepts about print.

47 resources

-ab words clip cards - cvc words - phonics

Phonics and Phonemic Awareness

When it comes to learning to read, phonics and phonemic awareness instruction are an absolute must. There are words that cannot be sounded out phonetically and must be learned by sight (sight words), but the majority of words have spelling/sound patterns or rules that make it easy to decode and make sense of words. This section of resources will help you help your kids to learn, practice, and hopefully master grade level appropriate phonics.

67 pages or sets

Letter Tracing - Upper Case A - Handwriting Practice Pages


Hold that pencil just right! Printing practice can be fun for some and a challenge for others.  These worksheets have plenty of dashed lines to help your kids practice the lines and curves of printed letters.  In a traditional manuscript, these pages are sure to reinforce writing skills and letter identification. Some pages have charming graphics the kids can color in, too – even more small motor skills practice.

186 worksheets for kindergarten and first grade

Kindergarten Short Stories - Ants

Reading Comprehension

On this page are reading comprehension worksheets for beginning to very advanced kindergarten readers. Every page has been carefully created to be sight word rich and correspond to Guided Reading Level C or D. They vary from two simple sentences on each page to five to seven sentences per page. Some have variations in ending punctuation and and/or use quotation marks with multiple speakers. Every section has 18 worksheets with a variety of kid-friendly topics. More grade levels to come in the future.

72 worksheets

Emergent Reader - My Book of Blue Things - Sight Word Book

Sight Words

Sight words, also called high frequency words, are words that appear in up to 75% of the texts we read. They are words that cannot be pronounced phonetically and have non-standard spelling patterns. They also cannot be represented in pictures. Beginning readers will memorize these words by sight, enabling them to concentrate on comprehension as they grow in their reading skills. Advanced readers, and/or those in upper elementary grades, benefit from these words as well, enriching their vocabulary and comprehension skills simultaneously.

220+ resources

college ruled lined paper


Writing starts with paper! This section has many types of paper to meet all those needs, starting with primary lined paper in different widths. The line widths are appropriate for specified grade levels. Each width has three styles – a page with primary lines, a page with primary lines and a line for a name, and primary lines with a line for a name and a box for an illustration. Be sure and see the  paper for upper grades, too – wide ruled and college ruled.

39 pages of writing paper