Frequently Asked Questions

I see you only have kindergarten worksheets and activities. Will you have resources for other grades, too?

Yes. My goal is to eventually provide worksheets, activities, SmartBoard lessons, and more, for all subjects for grades K-5. But this will take time! Keep coming back because there will be new materials added weekly, if not daily.

Do you have a blog?

Yes. You can find a link to the A Wellspring of Worksheets blog located here.

How is your site organized?

The site has been divided into categories – grade levels and subjects.

In the grade level categories you will find worksheets and activities by subject that have been specifically designed and created for that grade level using the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as a guide. At this time, CCSS only have Language Arts and Math standards. The Social Studies materials were based on the standards for my state of California since that is what I am most familiar with and the curriculum and support I have access to. The Science worksheets will be based on the Next Generation Science Standards (see the next question).

The subject categories link to all the materials for all grade levels for each topic in the category. For instance, if you wanted to look up worksheets on nouns, you would click on Language Arts, then Grammar, and under nouns you would find links to all the materials available for all grade levels for nouns.

Have you heard about the new science standards?

Yes. The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are taking a course similar to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). They have been developed by states for states for grades K-12 and have gone through a public review process. At this point in time the standards are being revised based on public feedback and are set to be published on their website by late 2012 or early 2013. State adoption will be optional. The standards are not a curriculum. States and local districts will have the responsibility to develop and implement the curriculum. Once they become public, my goal is to create materials that align with these standards.

Do you have worksheets for other subjects besides the basic four?

Yes. I have 5 other topics in mind that will be developed over time. They include art and artists, healthy living, holidays, music and song, and physical education.

Do you take suggestions for worksheets?

Yes! It would be wonderful if I heard from people who are using this site who would like to make suggestions for new materials. Simply click on the Contact Us link on the pink ribbon across the top of the site and leave me an email message.