Plane Shapes - Drawing Shapes - Kindergarten Geometry

Plane Shapes – Drawing Shapes

This worksheet gives kids the opportunity to identify the shape word and match it to the shape. Then they get to practice drawing the shape. And don’t forget to color!
CCSS K.G.A.2 & K.G.A.3

Plane Shapes - Sort Using Shape Blocks

Plane Shapes – Sort Using Shape Blocks

Attribute blocks won’t work with this page. You’ll need shape blocks with circles. Sort the shapes & place in the matching box. Draw & color!
CCSS K.G.A.2 & K.G.A.3

Plane Shapes - Circle in Black and White

Plane Shape – Circle – b&w

Big & round & empty, this black & white plane shape card of a circle can be left blank or filled in with any color of your choice, using any medium. As is, it’s easy on the printer ink!

Plane Shape - Circle in Color

Plane Shape – Circle – Color

Hot pink is an awesome color! Print this plane shape circle shape card and post in your classroom or use with your kids at home. Great reference for the word “circle”, too.

Plane Shape - Circle with a Smile

Plane Shape – Circle – Smile

What a cheerful smile! I think that makes my day! Make your kids smile, too with this awesome hot pink circle shape card. Color your classroom walls with this plane shape.

plane shape - diamond - bw

Plane Shape – Diamond – b&w

A black and white diamond plane shape card, crisp and clean for those who like things simple. Not a shape that is required to learn in kindergarten, but then again, why not?

Plane Shape - Diamond - Color

Plane Shape – Diamond – Color

It’s just a like a diamond to make you gasp and say, “I’ve got to have one!” Well, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch for this plane shape diamond shape card … but it doesn’t have to be!