number tracing - number 16

Number Tracing – Number 16

Over the hills & through the woods to number 16 tracing page we go… No, no! It’s not that hard. Just click the number tracing page, move your cursor to the lower right corner & click print!

number tracing - number 17

Number Tracing – Number 17

If the number 7 number tracing page was a captain, then this page for 17 is an admiral. The four 17’s across each line representing the four stars on his uniform! Trace neatly.

numbers tracing - number 18

Number Tracing – Number 18

Here’s the straight and tall number 1 with the loop de loop number 8. Now who said opposites don’t attract? Use this number tracing page for 18 to practice straight & curvy lines.

number tracing - number 19

Number Tracing – Number 19

Just like 19 comes before 20, so this number 19 tracing page comes before the last page of this number tracing set. So rev up your engine and head for the finish line.

number tracing - number 20

Number Tracing – Number 20

If you’ve done all these number tracing pages, and you finish this page for number 20, then put a crown on your head or a sticker in your book, or whatever you do to show great effort!

write numbers 1-20 - even numbers

Write Numbers 1-20 – Even Numbers

Write only the even numbers in this write numbers 1-20 worksheet. Writing every other number instead of all the numbers is the perfect amount for some kids!

write numbers 1-20 on the lines - odd numbers missing

Write Numbers 1-20 – Odd Numbers Missing

Kids can now try writing the other half of the numbers – the odd ones – in this writing numbers 1-20 worksheet. Be sure to have them write nicely on the lines!