Number Cards 1-20 Playing Cards – Suits Deck

This set of number cards 1-20 is what I call the “suits deck”. It has images of the suits in the middle of the cards representing the number of that card. They have a happy and fun vibe to them. My question to you would be “How many math card games and activities can you think of to go with these cards?” I thought about it and I came up with 20! And that doesn’t include building houses of cards. I’m sure you’ll find tons of ways to use this learning tool in your classroom.

It is recommended that you print these on card stock and laminate for longer lasting cards.

20 pages, 4 cards per page


Please go to this page to see all the Number Cards 1-20 Playing Cards in this set.

Number Cards 1-20 - Playing Cards - Suits Deck - Math Card Games

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