Kindergarten Number Worksheets

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for kindergarten number worksheets! We’ve got a large selection of worksheets for numbers 0-20. Kids can fill in the missing numbers, trace the numbers, write the numbers, color the numbers and write the number words. Of course, as children talk about numbers and learn their numbers they also learn to count in sequential order. Because of this, I would also recommend you take a look at our large selection of kindergarten counting worksheets.

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CCSS  K.CC.A.3, K.CC.B.4

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Number Cards 1-20 - Numbers Deck of Cards - Math Card Games

Number Cards 1-20 - Decks of Cards

Your kids will want to get in on all the math card games they can play with these number cards 1-20. They’re  fashioned after traditional playing cards. Sized about a half inch taller and wider than a deck of cards, these are a great size for little hands to hold onto. These cards come in full decks and smaller sets by suit only. The all come in two forms. First, the suits are in the centers of the cards with the numbers in the corners, and the other is the opposite, with the numbers in the center and the suits in the corners. There are many ways these can be used – for math card games, counting, sequencing, comparing numbers, and so on.

2 full decks, 2 backing designs, and 8 sets of cards by suit only

Number Cards 1-20 - Playing Cards - Numbers Deck - Math Card Games

Number Cards 1-20 Large Playing Cards

Introducing a fun and creative way to use number cards 1-20! In a large playing card format, these cards are 1/4th of a page in size, perfect for little hands, use in pocket charts, and as flash cards. There are two sets of cards included. One set has the numbers in the middle and the suits on the outside corners, and the other has the suits in the middle with the numbers in the outside corners. Have fun with these cards by using them for counting and sequencing activities, math cards games like War or a number version of Old Maid or Go Fish, or comparing numbers activities. Your imagination will come up with endless possibilities! Your kids are sure to enjoy them.

2 full decks, 2 backing designs, and 8 sets of cards by numbers or suit only

missing numbers 1-10 - six missing numbers

Missing Numbers 1-10

Fill in the missing numbers 1-10 in these number writing worksheets. Kids can use the clues on each page by counting the dots, reading (with some help, if needed) the number words, or both. One page is a primer – it has a few numbers written in already to help beginners with sequencing. Nice wide primary writing lines have been provided to help guide kids to write their numbers neatly and evenly. Ready, set, go! Start filling in those numbers!

5 worksheets

tracing numbers 1-10 count the objects

Tracing Numbers 1-10

Children need practice writing their numbers and tracing is the best way to get in that practice. These tracing numbers 1-10 worksheets provide dashed lines for number tracing in a traditional manuscript. Count the objects, count the dots, read the number words, and trace the numbers. Remember, all numbers should be written from left to right and top to bottom. For even more practice, have kids say the numbers out loud as they write them. If nothing else, it will help them with rote memorization of number order.

5 worksheets

Number Worksheets - Number 0 Worksheet

Number Worksheets

Talk about fun! These number worksheets get kids thinking about, writing, and identifying numbers 0-20 in many different ways. They color in the large number, show the number in ten frames, make tally marks, put dots on the dice, count base ten blocks, circle the number word, identify before and after, count the number of objects, trace and write the number, and trace and write the number word. Whew! That’s a lot of things to ask kindergarteners to do. Be sure to tell them what an awesome job they’ve done!

21 worksheets

number cards matching game - number 1

Number Cards Matching Game

This number cards matching game is so fun! Want your students to be able to recognize a number in more than one way? Well, these cards can be matched in one of eight ways: a numeral, a number word, dice, base ten blocks, objects, tally marks, ten frames, and dominoes. Use two of the sets like the dice and the number words and have kids match them up . Have them put the cards with objects in sequential order. Lots of options here! Print on card stock for longer lasting cards.

20 pages of number cards, 8 cards per page, 160 in all.

number tracing - number 0

Number Tracing 0-20

These number tracing worksheets are simple and repetitive but fundamental for several reasons. Kids practice holding a pencil properly, increase fine motor skills, and learn to properly write the numbers 0-20 on primary writing lines. Have kids say the numbers as they write them for number word correspondence. For slower workers, have them do half the page. Have kids circle their very best numbers. Don’t forget to give them a sticker or a stamp for a job well done!

21 worksheets

tracing numbers and number words - number 0

Tracing Numbers & Number Words 0-20

These tracing numbers and number words worksheets add a bit of fun to writing numbers. Kids get to count the objects and color them…and they get to color the large bubble font numbers and number words. Will they color them all one color or rainbow colors? Then on to using the pencil and the diligent work of neatly tracing begins! They trace the smaller numbers twelve times and the bigger numbers eight times. The number words appear four times for the bigger words to up to eight times for the smaller words.

21 worksheets

Trace Numbers 1-20 Worksheets - Trace 5 Numbers

Trace Numbers 1-20

These trace numbers worksheets meet the Common Core standard for writing to 20, but are specifically created for practice forming and tracing numbers 1-20. Use them from the first worksheet to the last one, working up from just tracing 5 numbers for beginners (or those with very short attention spans!) to tracing all the numbers. Great for differentiated learning and the various needs of your students. And of course, to help kids write the numbers correctly instead of backwards! Have kids count as they trace the numbers.

12 worksheets and 1 counting chart

wrtie numbers 1-20 - six numbers missing

Write Numbers 1-20

These write numbers 1-20 worksheets are a step above the tracing numbers 1-20 worksheets. They have primary writing lines for kids to practice writing their numbers neatly and clearly, assuming the kids will know the numbers that need to be written on the lines. Remind the kids to write the numbers from top to bottom and left to right, trying not to go above or below the lines. These worksheets vary in how many numbers need to be written.

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fill in the missing number 1-20 - six numbers missing

Fill in the Missing Number 1-20

In these fill in the missing number worksheets for 1-20, kids don’t need to trace the numbers or worry about writing neatly on the lines, they just write the missing numbers in the boxes. Great counting to 20 practice as well. Use these for everyday classroom practice in sequential order by filling in only six numbers first and moving on up to filling in all the numbers. Or use them for your different levels of learners.

6 worksheets