Number Cards 1-20 Deck of Cards – Numbers Deck

Here’s a special way to count to 20 – use these number cards for 1-20 dressed up as playing cards! This deck of cards closely resembles the size of regular playing cards. Instead of cards 2-10 and an ace, jack, queen,  king and joker, it has only the numbers 1-20.  Smack in the middle of the cards you will find the numbers and in the top left and bottom right you will find small images of the clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades. You can use these cards in a ton of ways to reinforce numbers and counting: play math card games like War or Go Fish, you can use them for sequencing, or for sorting. I hope your kids have a blast using these number cards 1-20 in your classroom!

10 pages, 8 cards per page, 80 cards total


Go to this page to see all the number cards 1-20 playing cards.

Number Cards 1-20 - Numbers Deck of Cards - Math Card Games

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