Telling Time

Learning to tell the time is one of the most practical math skills kids will learn. Maybe these skills won’t be used as often when children are young as when they are older, but they definitely will be used. Just think for a minute how many times you check the time each day or even just wonder what time it is. Probably more than you think! At this time, you’ll find below some awesome telling time worksheets specifically created for first grade.


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Telling Time to the Hour with Big Clocks #1

1st Grade Telling Time Worksheets

What time is it? Telling time is such an integral part of each day that we often don’t think consciously about it. Kids depend on us adults to tell them¬†when to get up, when to go to school, go to bed, and go to lunch and recess. But as they get older they’ll learn that life runs by the clock and they’ll have to keep in step. These worksheets are one of the first steps in teaching the essential life skill of telling time.

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