Kindergarten Subtraction

Kindergarten subtraction is all about learning and really getting down subtraction facts through 5. That’s a big task when kids start off kindergarten learning their numbers and counting in the proper sequence. Then comes learning how to put those¬†numbers together to make new numbers (otherwise known as adding). Subtraction then becomes the natural progression – learning how to take numbers apart to make new numbers. It is our hope that the resources in this section help your kids become highly successful at kindergarten subtraction.

14 sets of subtraction resources


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subtraction flash cards - 0s - within 5 - b&w

Subtraction Flash Cards

Looking for subtraction flash cards just for kindergarten? Well, here you go. These small sets represent the Common Core Standard for kindergarten to fluently add and subtract within 5. Sticking with the basics, these are divided up by each number between 0 and 5 and also come in a complete set. They come in basic black & white and color versions so you can easily separate the facts by 1’s, 2’s, etc.

14 sets in color and black & white