Positional Words

Positional words can be a bit tricky. Sometimes we take for granted kids know the words and the meaning that relates where things are, i.e. what position they’re in. But this isn’t always so. These worksheets help kids figure that out and keep those terms straight. So far the words addressed in this section are: before, after, between; left and right; and top, middle, bottom. They include numbers, letters and objects. These skills are appropriate for kindergarten and/or first grade.

34 worksheets

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Left and Right - My Book of Left and Right - Position Words

Positional Words Worksheets

These positional words worksheets will help your kids practice the positional terms we might think they already know. The terms addressed in this section so far are: before, after, between; top, middle, bottom; and left and right. Teaching these concepts is very important because we think of and describe things in our environment and situations using these positional and directional words all the time as we get older. The resources relate to objects, numbers, and letters. These worksheets are appropriate for kindergarten and first grade.

34 worksheets