Size Patterns

These size patterns worksheets use shapes and other graphics in big and small sizes. Kids circle the smaller or larger sized object that comes next. When they’re done you can have them color the shapes certain colors to slip in some shape identification, too. Now aren’t you sneaky! “Color the circles red and the rectangles blue.” or “Color the big triangles red and the little triangles yellow.” Then have them repeat the patterns to their neighbor using size words like big and smaller or bigger and smaller.

6 worksheets

CCSS No specific standard

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Size Patterns - Basic Shapes - Pattern Worksheets

Size Patterns – Basic Shapes

Working on a geometry lesson? This size patterns worksheet might come in handy. Circle the shape in each set that comes next in the pattern. Color.

Size Patterns - Circles and Squares - Pattern Worksheets

Size Patterns – Circles and Squares

For this size patterns worksheet I've included happy shapes instead of just boring plain shapes. Circle the circles and squares that comes next in the patterns. Color.

Size Patterns - Triangles & Rectangles - Pattern Worksheets

Size Patterns – Triangles and Rectangles

Cheer yourself and your kids up with the happy characters on this size patterns page. Circle the triangles and rectangles that comes next in the patterns. Color.

Size Patterns - Animal Friends - Pattern Worksheets

Size Patterns – Animal Friends

On this size patterns worksheet kids get to circle the cat, dog, fish, and pig that come next in the patterns. Look out! They might have too much fun with these fellas!

Size Patterns - Monkeying Around - Pattern Worksheets

Size Patterns – Monkeying Around

It's okay to monkey around while working on this size patterns worksheet! Kids circle the monkey face or swinging monkeys that come next.

Size Patterns - Pencils - Pattern Worksheets

Size Patterns – Pencils

This size patterns worksheets has four different kinds of pencils. See if kids can describe them, after they circle the pencil that comes next in the pattern.