Pattern Worksheets

These pattern worksheets offer five different ways kids can learn to recognize patterns. There are ABC patterns where kids represent an object with a letter. We also have color patterns. Kids use the guides of ABC and/or a color guide to create the patterns. The size patterns rock! Kids name the pattern and decide if the small item or the larger item comes next. In the extending patterns worksheets kids cut and glue the object that comes next. And lastly, the patterns that are the same use cut and glue objects to create the same pattern with a different set of objects.

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AB Patterns - Beach Fun! - Patterns Worksheets

ABC Patterns

Children love to identify patterns!  These worksheets have ab, abc, abcd (and more) patterns with pictures of objects children will easily recognize.  Though I call these abc patterns, there is actually only one page where children label the patterns using A, B, and C. In all the rest they circle the object that comes next. Kids can color the objects to create a pattern as well. They can say the pattern using A, B, and C, or they can say the object pattern or the color pattern. Lots of options here!

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Color Patterns - ABCD - Patterns Worksheets

Color Patterns

In the kindergarten classes I’ve experienced, color patterns are a hit with the kids.  Use the ABC and ABCD pattern keys at the top of the worksheets to color the shapes and the bugs (bees, ladybugs, and butterflies) in basic colors. Great but simple lessons for kindergarteners and if you’re in a crunch, fun little time fillers, too. The two worksheets also serve as reinforcement of the shapes. Have kids say the patterns out loud to themselves or to each other to practice using verbal skills.

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Size Patterns - Basic Shapes - Pattern Worksheets

Size Patterns

These size patterns worksheets use shapes and other graphics in big and small sizes. Kids circle the smaller or larger sized object that comes next. When they’re done you can have them color the shapes certain colors to slip in some shape identification, too. Now aren’t you sneaky! “Color the circles red and the rectangles blue.” or “Color the big triangles red and the little triangles yellow.” Then have them repeat the patterns to their neighbor using size words like big and smaller or bigger and smaller.

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Extending Patterns - Bees and Butterflies - Patterns Worksheets

Extending Patterns

These extending patterns worksheets can do double duty and keep kids busy for a long time. Three of the pages are a cut and glue activity pages. Have kids say the patterns out loud for even more fun and so they can hear the pattern. “Frog, fish, worm, frog, fish, worm. The frog comes next!” In three of the worksheets children can examine the patterns and draw the shape that comes next. Then they can color the shapes in a pattern.

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Patterns that are the Same - Rain and Snow - Patterns Worksheets

Patterns that are the Same

Patterns that are the same is a concept that may be off the beaten path, but from what I’ve seen, kindergarteners seem to have a fairly fun time coloring, cutting, and gluing different objects to create identical patterns. Children also label the patterns using A, B, & C which is a big plus in keeping those cut out pieces organized. Check out these worksheets and find the one with a quiz about what makes a good breakfast!

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