While recognizing patterns is no longer a required standard with the Common Core, it is included on this site for several reasons. One, patterns are part of our environment and our daily lives.  Whether you call it a routine, a rhythm, or a pattern, the sun comes up every day and it goes down every day. We all get up, get dressed, and go to work or school. Secondly, discovering a pattern is fun! Kids I’ve observed always seem to enjoy counting out objects and guessing which one comes next. Lastly, it’s another simple way to instill confidence in kids.

24 worksheets

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Pattern Worksheets

These pattern worksheets offer five different ways kids can learn to recognize patterns. There are ABC patterns where kids represent an object with a letter. We also have color patterns. Kids use the guides of ABC and/or a color guide to create the patterns. The size patterns rock! Kids name the pattern and decide if the small item or the larger item comes next. In the extending patterns worksheets kids cut and glue the object that comes next. And lastly, the patterns that are the same use cut and glue objects to create the same pattern with a different set of objects.

24 worksheets