Kindergarten Geometry

Kindergarten geometry is spelled with a capital F for Fun! Fun! Fun!  While children have fun coloring, cutting, naming shapes, drawing shapes and talking about shapes, you are secretly (shhh! don’t tell!) teaching them about the fundamental shapes that comprise our universe, and in the meantime, yes, I have to mention,  meeting the requirements of the Common Core standards.  It’s a double “Yeah!”. One for you, and one for your kids.  : )

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CCSS  K.G.A.2, K.G.A.3, K.G.B.4, and K.G.B.5

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shapes and their names - circle

Shapes and Their Names

These basic shapes worksheets are simple but perfect for introducing the shapes. Every worksheet has the shapes and their names in dashed lines. Kids simply trace the shape and the shape name. Then they can color the shapes if they want to. For even more practice have kids trace the shape and it’s name in at least five rainbow colors. The five main shapes the Common Core requires for kindergarten are included as well as 7 others for more challenge and fun.

12 shapes and their names geometry worksheets.

Plane Shapes - Circle in Black and White

Plane Shapes - Shape Cards

Need some shape cards to post on your walls for kids to reference and recite? Well, here you go! Each of these plane shapes comes in three different styles: black and white, color, and color with a cheerful smiley face. Each has the name of the shape directly underneath it. I have included 12 basic shapes in this section: circle, diamond, heptagon (admittedly, this one is a bit out of the ordinary), hexagon, octagon, oval, parallelogram, pentagon, rectangle, square, trapezoid, and triangle.

36 cards

tracing shapes and drawing shapes - circles

Tracing Shapes and Drawing Shapes

There are several styles of tracing shapes and drawing shapes worksheets in this section. First, I’ve included shapes in a common orientation, usually with one side on a horizontal plane. Second, you’ll find worksheets with the sides turned and at odd angles so kids get used to seeing the shapes in different orientations. The top half of each page has the shape in a dashed line for kids to trace, the bottom half is where kids draw their own shapes in similar orientations.

15 worksheets

Plane Shapes - Drawing Shapes - Kindergarten Geometry

Plane Shapes

Plane shapes are “flat shapes” in two dimensions. If we look hard enough we can see these shapes all around us! Our shapes worksheets help your students identify and describe shapes and their attributes – the number of sides and corners (or vertices) – while practicing their small motor skills of drawing, coloring, and cutting. Besides using worksheets, ask your kids to look for these shapes in the environment around them, starting with the classroom. What they come up with just may surprise you!

8 worksheets

Shape Animals - Cat

Shape Animals

Many things can be made out of shapes, including animals. When kids construct these shape animals be sure to have them tell you the names of the shapes they are putting together! And don’t forget that they are plane shapes (flat shapes), not three dimensional shapes. For an added dimension (get the pun!) have kids make the sounds of the animals. Now that’s fun! It is suggested that you use construction paper for these projects. You’ll also need scissors and glue. Check each instruction page for the needed supplies ahead of time.

One shape animal project

identifying shapes - color the circles

Circle Worksheets

Circles, circles, everywhere! Our circle worksheets for kindergarten provide a variety of skills for your students to polish up on. At this time we have worksheets for identifying circles and matching identical circles. You can have your kids look around the room and draw objects in the classroom that are shaped like circles. They’re sure to find plenty of objects – right down to the hole their shoelace threads through! Don’t forget the skills of drawing and coloring, too! There’s opportunity to brush up on those skills with these worksheets as well.

6 worksheets

Identifying Shapes - Color the Rectangles

Rectangle Worksheets

Rectangles can be seen everywhere…in the shape of a piece of paper or a table or a birthday cake. Our rectangle worksheets cover the skills needed to identify rectangles on the page or in the classroom. Color, match and draw rectangles with these worksheets. Don’t forget to talk about the matching sides and their lengths. How many sides are the same length and how many different lengths are there in a rectangle? How is that different from the sides of a square?

6 worksheets

Plane Shapes - Color the Squares - Kindergarten Geometry

Square Worksheets

Thanks for stopping by our square worksheets page! You will find square plane shape worksheets for your classroom that touch on identifying, matching, drawing, and coloring squares. Have kids look at the squares and tell you about the lengths of the sides and how squares differ from rectangles. What happens to how a square looks when you turn it around and put it on different sides? Kids can pair up and look around the room, pick out the squares, and draw them on one of the worksheets.

6 worksheets

Plane Shapes - Color the Triangles - Kindergarten Geometry

Triangles Worksheets

Our triangles worksheets will help your students to identify, match, and draw triangles. Children will also be challenged to find triangles in their classroom environment. How many can they find? Triangles aren’t as plentiful as circles, squares, and rectangles, so you may need to make sure there are plenty for them to find. The “tri” in triangle means that these shapes have three sides. If you turn a triangle with three equal sides around, which side is up? Do triangles have to have three equal sides to be called a triangle?

6 worksheets