Geometry can be tons of fun, especially in the lower grades. The resources are usually bright and colorful, sometimes with smiley faces and the concepts are relatively easy to learn. So, get out your attribute blocks, pencils, crayons and your thinking caps! You can circle shapes, create shapes, and make things out of shapes. Of course, kids need to identify and describe shapes (number of sides and corners!) which are also just as important.

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CCSS K.G.A.2, K.G.A.3, K.G.B.4, K.G.B.5, and 1.GA.1

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Plane Shapes - Drawing Shapes - Kindergarten Geometry

Kindergarten Geometry

Kindergarten geometry is spelled with a capital F for Fun! Fun! Fun!  While children have fun coloring, cutting, naming shapes, drawing shapes and talking about shapes, you are secretly (shhh! don’t tell!) teaching them about the fundamental shapes that comprise our universe, and in the meantime, yes, I have to mention,  meeting the requirements of the Common Core standards.  It’s a double “Yeah!”. One for you, and one for your kids.  : )

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Sorting Shapes - Two Attributes - Blue with Straight Sides

First Grade Geometry

Check out these fun, and at times a bit wacky, first grade geometry worksheets. Sorting shapes with two attributes are the order of the day (more are to come in the near future!). Choose the shape or shapes that have two qualities (attributes) in common. For instance, circle the shapes that are both red and round. Or put an X on the shapes that are green and have dotted lines. Any way you slice it, you’re kids are bound to have fun with these simple, and even a bit more challenging, worksheets.

9 worksheets