Fry High-Frequency Words

Fry high-frequency words are made up of 1,000 most frequently used words in the English language. Similar to Dolch sight words, Fry words are comprised mostly of words that need to be learned by sight (memorized) because they can’t be phonetically sounded out. They don’t fit common spelling patterns and most can’t be represented by pictures. Unlike the Dolch words, these lists include nouns. Fry’s 1,000 words are divided into 10 lists of 100 words each that are recommended for kindergarten through fifth grade. They are listed in the order in which they are most frequently used.

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CCSS  RF.K.3c, R.F.1.3g, RF.2.3.f, RF.3.3d, RF.4.3a & RF.5.3a

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fry list - the first 100

Fry Word Lists

Fry word lists organize Fry’s 1,000 words into ten smaller, more manageable chunks of 100 words each. You will notice that each list of 100 is divided even further into four columns of 25 word each. Check the list descriptions. They will tell you which grade level is appropriate for each list. For example, the first 100 Fry words can be divided between kindergarten and first grade and several lists are recommended for fourth and fifth grade. These color-coded lists coordinate with our Fry word flash cards and Fry sight word assessment sheets.

10 color-coded lists

fry word flash cards - the first 100 - black and white

Fry Word Flash Cards

These Fry word flash cards are divided into ten groups of 100 words each to correspond with the Fry word lists. Each set comes in black and white and color. A suggested way to use these cards is to divide them up into smaller groups. You might want to try five words for younger kids and up to ten words for older kids. Practice those frequently and then move on to the next set. Remember, kids need to learn to read these words instantly, without even thinking about them.

20 sets; 10 sets, each in black & white and color

fry sight word assessment - the first 100

Fry Sight Word Assessment Sheets

Our Fry sight word assessment sheets for grades K-5 are divided into ten groups of 100 Fry words each. They are meant to be used in conjunction with the color-coded Fry word lists and Fry word flash cards on this site. A suggested way to use them is to have kids read the words to you from the Fry list while you mark off the words they know in the convenient check box on the assessment sheet. You can leave the box blank if they don’t know a word and assess them again at a later time.

10 color-coded sheets

Fry Phrases - The First 100 - First Grade Sight Words

Fry Phrases

The Fry phrases you’ll find here are appropriate for kindergarten through fifth grade. Each set has 81 to 90 commonly used phrases, many of which are easily recognizable as part of our everyday vocabulary. Check out the description for each set of phrases to see which Fry word list most of the words come from. Some phrases contain more than one Fry word. Most are not complete sentences. Example phrases are: “Get on the bus”, “Answer my questions”, “The force be with you”, and “I can’t do it”.

6 colorful lists

fry phrases flash cards - the first 100 - black and white

Fry Phrases Flash Cards

Our Fry phrases flash cards can be used for kindergarten through fifth grade. Each set has 81 to 90 phrases that are commonly used in the English vocabulary, albeit some more than others. Once your kids are able to read most, if not all, of the Fry sight words for their grade level, the next step would be for them to put those words together into phrases that they recognize and might even use frequently. Most of the phrases are just that, phrases. Some of them, however, are complete sentences.

12 sets; 6 sets, each in black & white and color.