Fry Word Lists

Fry word lists organize Fry’s 1,000 words into ten smaller, more manageable chunks of 100 words each. You will notice that each list of 100 is divided even further into four columns of 25 word each. Check the list descriptions. They will tell you which grade level is appropriate for each list. For example, the first 100 Fry words can be divided between kindergarten and first grade and several lists are recommended for fourth and fifth grade. These color-coded lists coordinate with our Fry word flash cards and Fry sight word assessment sheets.

10 color-coded lists

CCSS  RF.K.3c, R.F.1.3g, RF.2.3.f, RF.3.3d, RF.4.3a & RF.5.3a

Check out this page for even more Fry word resources.

fry list - the first 100

Fry List – The First 100

This Fry list is of the first 100 fry words. They are appropriate for kinder to first grade children. Divided into four lists with 25 words each, use the first 50 words for kindergarten.
CCSS RF.K.3c & R.F.1.3g

fry list- the second 100

Fry List – The Second 100

My Fry list - the second 100 comes in green and is geared primarily towards second graders. Most kids of this age can tackle learning 100 high frequency words in a years time.
CCSS RF.2.3.f

fry list - the third 100

Fry List – The Third 100

This Fry list - the third 100 comes in bright yellow and is appropriate for third grade. Four columns of 25 words each divides the sight words into more manageable lists.
CCSS RF.3.3d

fry list - the fourth 100

Fry List – The Fourth 100

My Fry list - the Fourth 100 comes in orange. This is one of the sets of high frequency words that is just right for fourth grade. It is also recommended for fifth grade, too.
CCSS RF.4.3a & RF.5.3a

fry list - the fifth 100

Fry List – The Fifth 100

Another Fry list - the fifth 100 recommended for fourth and fifth grade. With four lists of 25 words, each list can be mastered separately as spelling words or study lists.
CCSS RF.4.3a & RF.5.3a

fry list - the sixth 100

Fry List – The Sixth 100

This Fry list - the sixth 100 is appropriate for both fourth and fifth grades and is color coordinated to go along with the sixth 100 flash cards and assessment sheet on this site.
CCSS RF.4.3a & RF.5.3a

fry list - the seventh 100

Fry List – The Seventh 100

This Fry list - the seventh 100 has words like pounds, laughed, and possible, words that some fifth graders might already know well. It never hurts to review them just to make sure!
CCSS RF.4.3a & RF.5.3a

fry list - the eighth 100

Fry List – The Eighth 100

My Fry list - the eighth 100 is recommended for fourth and fifth grade but can always be used for children of earlier grades who are excelling. Some of the words are quite easy.
CCSS RF.4.3a & RF.5.3a

fry list - the ninth 100

Fry List – The Ninth 100

By the time you get to this Fry list - the Ninth 100 your kids have already mastered quite a good number of high frequency words. Keep on keepin' on with this group of words, too.
CCSS RF.4.3a & RF.5.3a

fry list - the tenth 100

Fry List – The Tenth 100

Last but not least comes this Fry list - the tenth 100. It is the last group of Fry high frequency words that are specifically for fourth and fifth graders. Learn, laugh, then celebrate!
CCSS RF.4.3a & RF.5.3a