Fractions and Whole Numbers

The resources available in this section are specifically for third grade at this time. They include fraction strips, circle fractions, how to create equal fractional parts of a circle, and fractions with pattern blocks. The fraction strips and circle fraction sections have reference pages showing fractional parts. These come in color and black and white. You will find plenty of coloring and creative opportunities with the cut and glue worksheets. Cutting things in pieces is part of life! What will your circles become? A pizza? A cake?

30 resources

CCSS  3.NF.1

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fractions with pattern blocks hexagons

Third Grade Fractions

This third grade fractions section has resources that set the foundation for understanding fractions – how to create equal parts and how to recognize equal parts, as well as resources that can be used as reference guides. We cover the Common Core required basic fractions of 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8. Fraction models come in the shape of fraction strips and circle fractions. Answer sheets are provided where applicable. Cut and glue activities are included.

36 third grade fractions worksheets and other resources.