Classifying & Sorting

Classifying & sorting can be thought of as putting things together in groups that share a common quality or feature. An example would be to circle all the squares on the page. Sorting can also be based on more than one feature. An example would be to put all the red marbles into the red bag and all the blue marbles into the blue bag. Here you are sorting by marble and bag color. It seems all “very elementary my dear Watson” as Sherlock Holmes would say, but when you get to be a grown up then you get to sort things like $10 bills and $20 bills (or $50 and $100 bills! Or maybe quarters, nickels and dimes!)!

14 worksheets

CCSS  K.MD.A.2, K.MD.B.3, K.CC.C.6, and K.G.A.1

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Big and Small - Matching Objects

Sorting Worksheets for Kindergarten

These sorting worksheets come in all different shapes and sizes…big and small, same and different, sorting by numbers, colors, and then some. Check out these worksheets to see how they might correspond to your curriculum or just be a fun time filler while still practicing valuable skills. Topics included are big and small, same and different, sorting numbers, and sorting shapes. There are lots of coloring opportunities with these worksheets, and some are cut and glue.

14 worksheets