A, B, C, D…. every child loves to learn their alphabet letters!  Use the variety of bright and colorful resources on this page to help them along.  Post the letters on your classroom bulletin boards, use them when teaching lessons for each letter, or use them for matching games and putting the letters in the sequential order.  Post them on a white board and have kids use a pointer to identify the letter you call out.  Use your imagination and have fun with these resources!

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Alphabet Match - Match the Pictures | Alphabet Matching

Alphabet Printables

The following pages of alphabet printables are full of fun and enjoyable teaching and learning resources for the alphabet. As everything else on this site, these resources are easy to print. Many of them come in color as well as basic black and white. At this time we have a great selection of alphabet flash cards, some awesome things that start with a-z cards, and six sets of alphabet matching cards. I hope you are as excited about teaching the alphabet as I am about creating these resources for you!

38 sets of printables

ABC Worksheets - Letter A - Alphabet Worksheets

Alphabet Worksheets

The four sets of alphabet worksheets below provide lots of variety for studying and learning individual alphabet letters. They give kids the opportunity to trace, write, and color each letter of the alphabet. Kids will also have the opportunity to recognize words that start with each letter, draw an item that starts with each letter, identify the letters out of a bunch of mixed up letters, and last but not least, circle pictures of objects that start with each letter. Use a worksheet from each section each day of the week!

78 worksheets

Alphabet Tic-Tac-Toe Worksheet - Alphabet Games

Alphabet Games

WOW! Here are a few fun alphabet games for kids. We have alphabet dominoes in three different skill sets. Kids match the uppercase and lowercase letters in alphabetical order, in not alphabetical order, or to a picture of an object with the beginning sound of that letter. Alphabet tic-tac-toe is just as fun, but in a different way. Kids can play with all uppercase letters, lowercase letters, matching letters, etc. More games to come in the future!

2 games

alphabet poster - lowercase a

Alphabet Letters

Alphabet letters are an essential in  the classroom, especially in the lower elementary grades. The alphabet sets on these pages come in primary colors or bright bold colors. Check out our two awesome sets of alphabet posters. Then scroll down for all three different font styles of alphabets, two in upper and lowercase and one in uppercase only. Finally, check out each set as some come in poster size, half page size, quarter page size, and more. Think of the possibilities of how you can use them!

220+ resources