Sorting Shapes

Though I only have two sorting shapes worksheets at this time, I think kids will like them and you as well. Our everyday lives are made up of objects that come in the basic shapes kids learn in kindergarten. Have kids think of the shapes of different objects in their home. Circles are easy to find – a lamp shade, a cup or glass. Rectangles are everywhere – a desktop, a laptop or tablet, picture frames. But triangles are really hard to find…

2 worksheets


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Sorting Shapes - Around the House - Kindergarten Geometry

Sorting Shapes – Around the House

Sorting shapes can be fun! Just look around your house and see what kinds of shapes you see. You'll find some on this worksheet.
CCSS K.MD.B.3, K.G.A.1 & K.G.A.2

Sorting Shapes - Pattern Blocks - Kindergarten Geometry

Sorting Shapes – Pattern Blocks

Sorting shapes is fun when you get to use pattern blocks and your creative imagination! Put some of the blocks in each space and create a new shape!
CCSS K.MD.B.3, K.G.A.2 & K.G.B.3