Sorting Worksheets for Kindergarten

These sorting worksheets come in all different shapes and sizes…big and small, same and different, sorting by numbers, colors, and then some. Check out these worksheets to see how they might correspond to your curriculum or just be a fun time filler while still practicing valuable skills. Topics included are big and small, same and different, sorting numbers, and sorting shapes. There are lots of coloring opportunities with these worksheets, and some are cut and glue.

14 worksheets

CCSS  K.MD.A.2, K.MD.B.3, K.CC.C.6, and K.G.A.1

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Big and Small - Matching Objects

Big and Small

Big and small may seem like pretty simple concepts to us adults, but they are good distinguishing activities for young children. Take a look at our worksheets and decide for yourself! Kids will draw lines matching the big object to the small object or the words “big” and “small”. They can also circle the big objects. Kids can then color the objects or picture. However, you can say, “Color only the big objects.” or “Color only the big fish.”

3 worksheets

Same and Different - Animals

Same and Different

In these same and different worksheets children identify the objects that are exactly the same and those that are different, as well as determining which object is different among identical objects of differing sizes. From the seas to the stars, children will enjoy circling the objects in these unique themed worksheets. Then kids can get out those crayons (or colored pencils, or markers!) and color in the objects.

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Sorting Numbers - Creepy Crawly Creatures - Kindergarten Sorting Worksheets

Sorting Numbers

Count the objects in these sorting numbers worksheets and match with the corresponding number. First, kids start by saying the numbers and tracing them. Second, they color the pictures and cut them out. Lastly, they glue them next to the number that matches the number of objects. Cute themes – pumpkins, creepy crawly creatures, and beach fun – are sure to keep kids interested, counting, and learning. These worksheets require crayons, scissors, and glue so get those supplies ready! And don’t forget pencils so kids can write their name.

3 worksheets

Sorting Shapes - Around the House - Kindergarten Geometry

Sorting Shapes

Though I only have two sorting shapes worksheets at this time, I think kids will like them and you as well. Our everyday lives are made up of objects that come in the basic shapes kids learn in kindergarten. Have kids think of the shapes of different objects in their home. Circles are easy to find – a lamp shade, a cup or glass. Rectangles are everywhere – a desktop, a laptop or tablet, picture frames. But triangles are really hard to find…

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