My Five Senses - Matching

Kids love to match things. It makes them feel so smart…and they usually are. This set of my five senses matching worksheets gets kids thinking about actions and objects that relate to the senses. The first few worksheets are pretty straight forward, but the last two can be a little tricky because some of the objects can fit into several categories. Kids will have to think twice about these. For your convenience, answer sheets are included with every worksheet.

5 worksheets

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my five senses - children match

My Five Senses – Children Match

In this my five senses worksheet kids cut out the words hear, touch, smell, taste, and feel and glue them beneath the children who show that sense - eating ice cream, smelling flowers, petting a cat, and more!

my five senses - object match

My Five Senses – Objects Match

Kids get to cut, glue, and color with this my five senses worksheet! Cut out the names of the senses, match them to the objects that represent that sense, glue and color.

my five senses - pictures match

My Five Senses – Pictures Match

In this my five senses worksheet kids look at the two pictures and match them to one of the senses. Cut out the words, match and glue. And of course, color (the best part!).

my five senses - senses match

My Five Senses – Senses Match

A little different from the other my five senses matching worksheets, kids cut out pictures of objects that go with one of the senses, match them to pictures of the senses, glue and color.

my five senses - senses words match

My Five Senses – Senses Words Match

The words for the five senses are provided in the boxes, written all fancy! Kids color first then cut out the pictures of the objects and glue in the box with the correct sense.