The Senses

It’s a good thing we have the five senses. Without them how would we experience the world around us? All the resources in this section can be used as a unit of study for the 5 senses. Worksheets, vocabulary cards, cut and glue, booklets, matching activities and lots of coloring are all included to help kids explore and grow in their knowledge and experience of the senses. An added bonus: these materials intertwine with language arts. Kids practice reading, tracing, and writing skills.

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CCSS  RF.K.3.c

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my five senses - sense of hearing

Five Senses Worksheets - Circle the Objects

These five senses worksheets help kids identify things in their environments they can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Each worksheet covers one sense. Kids circle the objects on the page that can be experienced through that sense. Have kids identify what they see, how touching an object might feel, a sound they might hear, if an object can be eaten, or if an object has a particular smell. You’re sure to get some exclamations out of some of the pictures!

5 worksheets

my five senses book - senses

Five Senses Books

These five senses books are quick and easy to put together. Each page has two of the same image so you can make multiple books at one time. Copy, cut in half, and staple together along the left edge.

Kids read each page and trace the word representing the sense (see) and the part of the body that sense is experienced through (eyes). Then they can color!

2 books

five senses vocabulary cards - b&w

Five Senses Vocabulary Cards

Perfect for use in center times or in pocket charts, these five senses vocabulary cards come in four different styles. One comes in black and white with the sensory organs, the other three come in color. One of these has images of the sensory organs, one has graphics of children exemplifying the five senses, one has both but is meant to be cut apart and matched.

4 sets of vocabulary cards, one in black and white and three in color

my five senses - children match

My Five Senses - Matching

Kids love to match things. It makes them feel so smart…and they usually are. This set of my five senses matching worksheets gets kids thinking about actions and objects that relate to the senses. The first few worksheets are pretty straight forward, but the last two can be a little tricky because some of the objects can fit into several categories. Kids will have to think twice about these. For your convenience, answer sheets are included with every worksheet.

5 worksheets

the 5 senses - i hear a car

The 5 Senses - Read, Write, Build and Draw

Want language arts and the 5 senses to collide? BAM! You came to the right place! These five senses worksheets address all five senses while offering sight word practice. Also reinforces the five senses words of see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. Kids read each sentence, write it on the primary writing line, build it by cutting out the words and glueing them in place, and draw a picture in the box. Coloring their picture and the picture already on the page is icing on the cake.

15 worksheets, 3 for each sense