First Grade Geometry

Check out these fun, and at times a bit wacky, first grade geometry worksheets. Sorting shapes with two attributes are the order of the day (more are to come in the near future!). Choose the shape or shapes that have two qualities (attributes) in common. For instance, circle the shapes that are both red and round. Or put an X on the shapes that are green and have dotted lines. Any way you slice it, you’re kids are bound to have fun with these simple, and even a bit more challenging, worksheets.

9 worksheets


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Sorting Shapes - Two Attributes - Blue with Straight Sides

Sorting Shapes - Two Attributes

These sorting shapes with two attributes worksheets include the basic shapes of circle, square, triangle, and rectangle as well as pentagons, ovals, hexagons, and diamonds (also called rhombuses). Look for two attributes on each page which may include shape, size, color, types of lines, and number of corners. For example, circle the yellow shapes that have three sides. Or, circle the big objects with less than four sides. Color ink is required for some of these worksheets.

9 worksheets