plane shape - trapezoid - smile

Plane Shape – Trapezoid – Smile

Talk about taking it up a notch! This plane shape trapezoid looks like he’s the life of the party! Bright flashy yellow and the biggest grin you ever did see. Have some fun with him.

plane shape - triangle b&w

Plane Shape – Triangle – b&w

Well, here it is folks, a basic plane shape triangle in black and white. We should give him a black tie to add a bit of class. Kids won’t mind though if he’s plain and simple.

plane shape - triangle - color

Plane Shape – Triangle – Color

The color of royalty and of all things cool and wonderful, the purple triangle on this plane shapes shape card is ready to strut her stuff right into your class for all the kids to see.

plane shape - triangle - smile

Plane Shape – Triangle – Smile

Fe fi fo fum, I smell the smile of a purple triangle. Okay. It’s about as plausable as “the blood of an Englishman”. All joking aside, teach your kids about triangles!