plane shape - oval - color

Plane Shape – Oval – Color

Well this big oval is all dressed up a perky purple! All dressed up and a place to go? Yes, this plane shape card can go with you … to your classroom!

plane shape - oval - smile

Plane Shape – Oval – Smile

Resembling someone with a long thinner face, this plane shape card of an oval looks friendly and happy. And he’s in purple. Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to color faces purple?

plane shape - parallelogram b&w

Plane Shape – Parallelogram – b&w

This plane shape parallelogram looks like a square that’s on the move with it’s slanted lines. Post by the square and have kids say how they’re different.

plane shape - pentagon - b&w

Plane Shape – Pentagon – b&w

Everyone likes the plane shape of a pentagon. It reminds us of a house. Just add some windows and a door and you’re at home. This one would like to be at home with you!

plane shape - pentagon - color

Plane Shape – Pentagon – Color

All I know is that girls just wanna have fun. The bright green plane shape pentagon looks like she’s ready to burst with laughter and fun! Let the excitement rub off on you.

plane shape - shape cards - pentagon - smile

Plane Shape – Pentagon – Smile

Would you just stop smiling already? … The bright green smiley faced pentagon on this plane shapes shape card just can’t contain himself. He wants to be a show off in your class!

plane shape - rectangle - color

Plane Shape – Rectangle – Color

Well, I think you’re right. This one definitely is tall, dark and handsome. I think this plane shape would love it if you took him, not home, but to your classroom!

plane shape - rectangle - b&w

Plane Shape – Rectangle – b&w

I’m going to say right off the bat that rectangles are not boring. They make up all the fun things we play with like blocks and Legos. Have fun with this plane shape card, too.

plane shape- rectangle - smile

Plane Shape – Rectangle – Smile

A welcome addition to any shape card set, this plane shape rectangle is grinning from ear to ear (figuratively speaking, of course!) because he’s just happy to be a … rectangle.

plane shape - square - b&w

Plane Shape – Square – b&w

There’s just no way around it, this is definitely a square. A black and white one at that. And a plane shape, too. But this one is special – it helps kids learn shapes.

plane shape - square - color

Plane Shape – Square – Color

This colorful yellow plane shape poster sized shape card of a square is perfect for displaying on classroom walls for kids to see. A great learning tool, that’s for sure.

plane shape - square - smile

Plane Shape – Square – Smile

Where did this little fella get such a big smile? Happy-go-lucky, yes. But happier still if he could be the plane shape your kids learn their shapes by. Print him and the whole set!

plane shape - trapezoid - b&w

Plane Shape – Trapezoid – b&w

Don’t be a square … be a trapezoid. That’s like going from an easy maiden name to a difficult married name. Only for that one true love! Enjoy this plane shape poster!

plane shape - trapezoid - color

Plane Shape – Trapezoid – Color

Okay. This one is a little more interesting than the plain black and white version. He’s a plane shape trapezoid in yellow! He’s sure to light up whatever room he’s in!