add two - pinwheels

Add 2 – Pinwheels

Sums to 7. Add 2 on this pinwheel-filled worksheet. Count the pinwheels and write the addends. Add them up and write the total on the lines. Check your answer – count the sums.

add two - puffer fish

Add 2 – Puffer Fish

Sums to 7. These little guys are floating by to help with addition! Add 2 in this underwater themed worksheet. Write the numbers neatly and carefully on the lines.

add two - cluck! cluck!

Add 2 – Cluck! Cluck!

Sums to 10. These fine feathered friends have come to help with this add 2 worksheet. Don’t lay an egg! Count up the hens, write the addends then the sums neatly as can be.

add two - soccer balls

Add 2 – Soccer Balls

Sums to 10. Soccer fans rejoice! Soccer balls in great numbers have rolled in to help with this add 2 worksheet. Shoot for the goal by adding the balls and writing the sums.

add two - sheep

Add 2 – Sheep

Sums to 10. Don’t be a lost sheep. Find your way by practicing addition with this add 2 worksheet. It’s harder to add when 2 is the first number, but it can be done! Baaa.

add two - starfish

Add 2 – Starfish

Sums to 10. Add 2 with these five-armed starfish. On this worksheet the 2 is the second addend making it easier to add on. Write the sums on the lines and give yourself a star!

addition problems - bear tracks

Addition Problems – Bear Tracks

Sums to 5. Start small with addition problems with sums up to 5. Instead of using your own fingers you could count the bear print fingers and toes!
CCSS K.OA.1, K.OA.2, K.OA.5

addition problems - cherries

Addition Problems – Cherries

Sums to 5. Addition problems with sweet cherries hanging around. Add and write the sums on the lines. Color the cherries a nice bright red.
CCSS K.OA.1 and K.OA.2

addition problems - cookies

Addition Problems – Cookies

Sums to 7. Solve these addition problems and write the sums on the lines. Milk chocolate or white chocolate chip cookies? Color the cookies.
CCSS K.OA.1 and K.OA.2

addition problems - spiders

Addition Problems – Spiders

Sums to 7. Yikes! Look out for the creepy crawly spiders dropping in to practice some addition problems. Add using counters or your fingers.
CCSS K.OA.1 and K.OA.2

addition problems - look whos counting

Addition Problems – Look Who’s Adding!

Sums to 9. Who, who, who. These addition problems are for kids who are smart owls. Try adding without counting fingers to see if you’re a super smart owl!
CCSS K.OA.1 and K.OA.2

addition problems - roar

Addition Problems – ROAR!

Sums to 9. Have a roaring good time solving these ten addition problems. Write neatly. You should always do your best work and I’m not lion (lyin’).
CCSS K.OA.1 and K.OA.2

addition problems - pay up

Addition Problems – Pay Up!

Sums to 10. Cash in on the chance to solve these ten addition problems. Add then write the sums on the lines. Color the money and the cash register green.

addition problems - sailing away

Addition Problems – Sailing Away

Sums to 10. Relax as if you were sailing away along some nice cool breezes and solve these simple addition problems. Don’t be blown away by how easy they are!

addition problems - apples

Addition Problems – Apples

Sums to 10. An apple a day is really good for you. Add the numbers in the apples in these addition problems. Color the apples in an apple-colored pattern.
CCSS K.OA.1 and K.OA.4

addition problems - dominoes

Addition Problems – Dominoes

Sums to 10. For these addition problems write the addends as the number of dots on each end of the dominoes. Add. Write the sums.
CCSS K.OA.1 and K.OA.4