Printable Flash Cards

We've created this quick reference page with all the printable flash cards on this site so you can access them quickly. No need to go to the grade level, subject, or search field. You'll find them all right here in easy to find lists by subject and grade. Most sets of the flashcards come in black & white and color. The cards on each page are divided by light gray dashed cutting lines. Scissors will work great to cut these, but a paper cutter (even a small crafting paper cutter) will do a really terrific job and keep the lines nice and straight. These printable flash cards will last longer if you print them on cardstock and even longer still if you laminate them.

Reading Flash Cards

For the purpose of helping kids learn the basic words in our print environment and to build the vocabulary to help them to become proficient and fluent readers.

Social Studies Flash Cards

Created with the intent to help kids learn about the people and places in the world around them. Fun and colorful for kids of all ages.

Math Flash Cards

Prepared and provided to help kids learn, practice, and become proficient in all the math facts for each grade level. Great tools as well for gaining speed in reciting and recalling math facts.