fall dolch sight word flashcards nouns

Fall Dolch Sight Word Flashcards Nouns

Settle right into fall with these spunky little pumpkins! These fall themed Dolch sight word flashcards contain 95 nouns on 17 pages.
CCSS RF.K.3c, RF.1.3g, RF.2.3f, RF.3.3d

sight words worksheet - am on chair

Sight Words Worksheet – am, on, chair

Trace the sight words – am, on, chair. Read and write the sentence: I am on the chair. Draw a picture of yourself sitting, singing, or even dancing on a chair!
CCSS RF.K.3c and SL.K.5

sight words worksheet - are at school

Sight Words Worksheet – are, at, school

We are at school. I wanna be at school! School is cool! Trace the sight words – are, at, school . Write the sentence. Draw yourself at school.
CCSS RF.K.3c and SL.K.5

sight words worksheet - ate three apples

Sight Words Worksheet – ate, three, apples

I ate three red apples. The three featured sight words – ate, three, apples. Trace, write, and draw. Will you draw three apples or the leftover cores?Yum!
CCSS RF.K.3c and SL.K.5

sight words worksheet - big car red

Sight Words Worksheet – big, car, red

Is it a truck, a van, or a big, fast race car? The big car is red. This sentence combines the sight words big, car, and red to appeal to little imaginations.
CCSS RF.K.3c and SL.K.5

sight words worksheet - came play now

Sight Words Worksheet – came, play, now

Kids love to play with their friends. Putting together the sight words – came, play, now – gives us this sentence: He came to play now. What fun is in store?
CCSS RF.K.3c and SL.K.5