Kindergarten Counting Worksheets for the Four Seasons

I’ve been very busy creating a huge series of kindergarten counting worksheets! Ranging from a set for each month to a set for the major holidays, as well as these seasonal sets, there’s everything under the sun. Counting is THE foundational math skill you teach and reinforce all year long, so I thought I’d cover it thoroughly, […]

Monthly Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten

I’ve created a series of counting worksheets for kindergarten to help your little kiddos practice their counting skills. It’s pretty cool because they cover counting from almost every angle, so you have plenty of relevant resources at the ready. And they’re all print and go so no prep is required on your part. Use them as […]

Stopwatch Number Sense

Number sense is a must for kids to learn at a young age. Seeing and recognizing numbers and objects as they relate to an amount or quantity builds their number fluency and sets the foundation for number recognition in higher grades. That’s where these Stopwatch Number Sense pages for numbers 1-10 come in handy! They’re great for […]

Kindergarten Addition Activities – Write & Wipe Mats

Sometimes you may just want a little something new and different for your kindergarten centers. I’ve got a solution for you! My kindergarten addition activities write and wipe mats comes with more than just mats…as you’ll see below.  You’ll also find vocabulary cards and worksheets, too! There are so many ways you can use the mats so be sure […]

Counting Activities | Counting Mats | Sets 1-3

I enjoy creating these fun counting activities for kids! Sometimes there is a creation that especially hits my happy spot. That is definitely the case with these counting mats. Besides having great fun using the counting mats and the cards that go with them, your kids will be learning, reinforcing and mastering the following skills: Counting […]

Kindergarten Math Curriculum | Numbers 0-5

Kindergarten Math Curriculum | Numbers 0-5 | Unit 1

I’ve loved creating this Kindergarten Math Curriculum for Numbers 0-5. It was a very creative process and a lot of work, but it was worth it. I think you’ll enjoy using the finished product and find it helpful in teaching your kids numbers 0-5. At this time the curriculum is only available in my Teachers Pay […]

Kindergarten Math Curriculum | Numbers 11-20 | Unit 3

Kindergarten Math Curriculum | Numbers 11-20 | Unit 3

I am so excited to share with you my Kindergarten Math Curriculum Unit 3 – Numbers 11-20. As with the previous units there are lots of resources that I’m sure you won’t be able wait to use in your classroom! At this time the curriculum is only available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click any image in this […]

Tracing Numbers 1-20 Worksheets

Tracing Numbers 1-20 Worksheets

Who thinks tracing numbers 1-20 is fun? Kids! Who thinks writing numbers 1-20 is an essential skill? Teachers! That’s what this set of Tracing Numbers 1-20 worksheets is all about – combining kids natural enthusiasm for learning with a teacher’s need to teach basic skills about numbers 1-20. You can find all the resources in this […]

Print Awareness - Tall Small Fall Letters

Tall, Small and Fall Letters

Here’s a fun way to teach your kids about letters! When you teach your kids the idea of print awareness and how letters are formed, pack in these lessons about tall, small and fall letters. The resources on this site for teaching this concept divide the letters into these three categories by using color-coding, animals, pocket chart […]