First Grade Writing Worksheets

In this first grade writing worksheets section we at least have a start – primary lined paper! These pages come in two different sizes. Each size comes in three different types: One page with only the lines, one with a line for a name and one with a line for a name and a box for a picture. All the first grade writing paper comes in both landscape and portrait orientations. Great for making journals or for individual assignments.

6 pages

CCSS No specific standard

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primary lined paper - portrait 5/8/ inch

First Grade Writing Paper

Our first grade writing paper comes in somewhat wide margins for your kids who are still learning to write their letters neatly and clearly. There are two widths – 5/8″ and 3/4″. Maybe not too much of a difference, but you’ll know which size seems right for you. Each first grade writing paper size comes in three types. First, there is a plain page. Next, a page that has a line for the name. Lastly, a page that has a line for a name and a box to draw a picture. Excellent for making into a journal or for writing assignments to go on the bulletin board.

6 pages