The Human Body

At this time the resources we have for the human body are appropriate for kindergarten. They’re for the five senses! Kids will have a great time exploring and thinking about these matching, writing, and reading resources that have to do with their sense of taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell. They can make books about the senses, determine objects that are used by each sense, match the vocabulary words to the senses, and choose actions that correspond to each sense.

31 resources about the five senses


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my five senses - sense of hearing

The Senses

It’s a good thing we have the five senses. Without them how would we experience the world around us? All the resources in this section can be used as a unit of study for the 5 senses. Worksheets, vocabulary cards, cut and glue, booklets, matching activities and lots of coloring are all included to help kids explore and grow in their knowledge and experience of the senses. An added bonus: these materials intertwine with language arts. Kids practice reading, tracing, and writing skills.

31 resources