Positional Words Worksheets

These positional words worksheets will help your kids practice the positional terms we might think they already know. The terms addressed in this section so far are: before, after, between; top, middle, bottom; and left and right. Teaching these concepts is very important because we think of and describe things in our environment and situations using these positional and directional words all the time as we get older. The resources relate to objects, numbers, and letters. These worksheets are appropriate for kindergarten and first grade.

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Before - Letters - Positional Words Worksheets

Before, After, Between

These before, after, between worksheets will give kids a boost in reinforcing and recognizing alpha order and the count sequence. There are also worksheets with some objects for diversity. Kids go across the page as if they are reading and circle the answers, write in the answers, or cut and glue the correct answers in the boxes. Coloring is optional! Answer sheets included. (You may need to provide a number line or the alphabet for kids to reference while filling in these worksheets.)

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Left and Right - My Book of Left and Right - Position Words

Left and Right

Left and Right is a concept that everyone needs to grasp, but it’s a hard one for little kids. (It may take more than one grade level of practice.) This section provides some great resources that are sure to help reinforce which is which. One handy tip – if you hold your left hand with the four fingers pointing up and the thumb pointing straight out, it makes an “L”! That’s the left hand. The other hand is the right hand. Answer sheets or directions included.

12 worksheets and other resources

Top, Middle, Bottom - Apples - Positional Words

Top, Middle, Bottom

The concepts of top, middle, bottom can be found in all sorts of things in our daily lives. Take a look at these worksheets for some great examples! How about that great sub sandwich that’s so filling, the traffic lights you go through numerous times every day, or the snowman you build in the winter. All the worksheets include cutting, gluing, and/or coloring. As kids put the objects together have them repeat the positional words, “top”, “middle”, and “bottom” while pointing to the correct position.

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