Concepts About Print

Concepts of print covers a wide range of basic topics that can be pretty much assumed all kids know. This includes the basics about books like how to properly hold a book, how to turn the pages, how to read from left to right and from the top of the page to the bottom of the page, and what we call the parts of a book. It also includes the concept that letters are put together to make words, words put together make sentences and sentences put together tell stories or give information. The fact that sentences have structure with capitalization and punctuation marks also falls into this category. This section of growing resources was created to support you in teaching these concepts about print.

47 resources

CCSS  RF.K.1.A & RL.K.6

Print Awareness - Pocket Chart Cards - Tall Letters

Awareness of Print

The awareness of print topics that we cover in this section include the basics of how print works. For example, we read from books that have a front cover, back cover and a spine that holds them together. The pages of a book are turned one at a time so the story makes sense. There are big words and small words and we can use our counting skills to count how many letters are in words. Letters come in different shapes and sizes that we can categorize. You will find tons of resources here to help you with your lessons about awareness of print.

47 resources