Comparison Worksheets for Kindergarten

Our comparison worksheets for kindergarten cover the age-old ideas of equal sets, greater than and less than, and more and less. The worksheets compare number to number, objects with numbers, and objects to objects. Of course, counting skills are required, but some kids who are have excellent counting skills may be be able to pick out the correct answers just by looking at them without counting each item out one by one (this is called subitizing).

12 worksheets

CCSS  K.CC.C.6 and K.CC.C.7

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Equal Sets - Animals that Hop - Comparison Worksheets

Equal Sets

These equal sets worksheets for kindergarten come in two different flavors. One “flavor” is a set of worksheets where students trace a number and match the number with the same number of objects by circling the set. The second “flavor” is a set of worksheets where a set of objects is presented and kids identify the same number of objects by circling the matching set. Talking about flavors reminds me of my favorite ice cream…but let’s not get distracted!

4 worksheets

More - Cars - Comparison Worksheets

More and Less

Using terminology similar to greater than and less than, these more and less worksheets allow children to practice their counting skills and evaluate which set of objects is, you guessed it – more or less than the other set. Each worksheet has four problems in enjoyable themes kids are sure to resonate with: rain, campfires, cars, and blocks. If needed, kids can write the number of objects they just counted in the margin next to each set.

4 worksheets

Greater Than - Numbers - Comparison Worksheets

Greater Than and Less Than

These greater than and less than worksheets have two objectives. One is to have kids identify numbers that are greater than or less than another number. The other is to compare sets of objects and circle the set that is either greater than or less than the other set. These are similar to the more and less worksheets. They require counting skills and the ability to see that the bigger number is greater and the smaller number is less.

4 worksheets