Kindergarten Phonics

Kindergarten phonics is where the fun really begins! Kids learn the sounds that correspond to the letters of our alphabet. They learn how to blend those sounds together to make words that have meaning and represent objects and ideas. Then they learn how to put those words together into written and spoken sentences that make sense to them and those around them. Wow! That sounds like a big task to me! But those kids of yours can do it, and do it well!

64 pages or sets

CCSS RF.K.2 and RF.1.2

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-ab words clip cards - cvc words - phonics

CVC Words Clip Cards

Have we got a treat for you! Our cvc words clip cards! We have lots of clip card sets providing hours of learning fun. There are 8 sets of cards and three sets of letters for each cvc word family. The cards include the following sets: a picture for the words with the word spelled out (as in all the images you see below); a picture without any letters (kids fill in the letters); the words without a picture (kids match the pictures to the words); pictures and words with the vowel in red; 3 sets – pictures and words with either the first, middle or last letter missing (kids fill them in); and lastly the words with three pictures (kids clip the matching picture). They’re better felt than telt…go ahead and take a look at all of these cvc word families!

28 sets

cvc words list -ab words

CVC Words List

Every cvc words list in this section shows short vowel sounds that are easily learned as cvc words. On this page you’ll find lists of all the cvc words that are appropriate for kindergarten. In bright colors, these lists are sure to dress up your room and attract little eyes. Make a word wall just of cvc words! Why not? Have kids use a pointer and practice.

32 one page lists

cvc word cards -ab words

CVC Word Cards

Kids love to learn cvc (consonant-vowel-consonant) words!  These cvc word cards come in bright pretty colors. You can use them for practice during center times, posted on your walls, or used in pocket charts. Each set of short vowel words comes with an identifying card (for example, “-ab words”) and all the kid appropriate words that end with the same two letters. Two to six pages per set.

32 sets of cards