Fifth Grade Sight Words

Appreciate you checking out our fifth grade sight words. There are lots of resources in this section that will hopefully be very beneficial to you. They reflect the large jump in the number of high-frequency words suggested for fifth graders. No more Dolch sight words! For fourth and fifth grade there are only Fry high-frequency words. The fourth 100 Fry words through the tenth 100 Fry words (that’s 500 words!) are appropriate for both fourth and fifth grade. We have lots of Fry lists, flash cards, assessment sheets, and phrases.

37 resources

CCSS  RF.5.3a

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fry list - the fourth 100

Fifth Grade Fry Words

In this fifth grade Fry words section, you’ll find a ton of Fry word resources. The first resources you’ll see are the Fry lists for the fourth 100 to the tenth 100. Following them are the Fry word assessment sheets for the same lists of words. The only difference between the two is that the assessment sheets have a check box for each word. The Fry word flash cards come in a simple black and white versions and color versions, and the Fry phrases – the fourth 100 through the sixth 100 – come in list format as well as flash cards. Each list of 100 is color-coordinated so you can quickly tell the difference from the other lists.

37 resources