Alphabet Games

WOW! Here are a few fun alphabet games for kids. We have alphabet dominoes in three different skill sets. Kids match the uppercase and lowercase letters in alphabetical order, in not alphabetical order, or to a picture of an object with the beginning sound of that letter. Alphabet tic-tac-toe is just as fun, but in a different way. Kids can play with all uppercase letters, lowercase letters, matching letters, etc. More games to come in the future!

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Alphabet Dominoes - Alphabetical Order - Alphabet Games

Alphabet Dominoes

Dominoes has always been a fun game, but this time around we’ve made them alphabet dominoes! We’re using letters instead of dots and cards instead of tiles. There are three sets, so you can try them all out and get in lots of alphabet letter recognition and reinforcement in a fun and playful way. One set matches the upper and lowercase letters in alphabetical order, another set is in scrambled order, and the last set matches the letters to the beginning sound of an object.

3 sets

Alphabet Tic-Tac-Toe Worksheet - Alphabet Games

Alphabet Tic-Tac-Toe

Want a fun alphabet game? Well, here you go. Alphabet tic-tac-toe! Use the worksheet, game boards, and letters on this page for an extra full dose of fun. The letters provided with this set fit the squares perfectly. There are five of each uppercase and lowercase letter. Kids can use the same letter in both uppercase and lowercase to play against each other, or they can use one uppercase set and one lowercase set of different letters. They can play a few games and then trade the letters with their friends.

9 resources in color and black & white. Scroll all the way down for the letters!