Kindergarten Sight Words

Kindergarten sight words are the words that are recommended for kindergarteners to learn first. They include Fry words and Dolch sight words. You will find one section dedicated to Dolch words and one to Fry words. The other sections are a compilation of these sight words used in a variety of sight word worksheets, color by sight word worksheets, and emergent reader booklets. Dolch words have a list of 40 words called pre primer sight words. Those are included in this kindergarten sight words section as well.

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CCSS Standards vary by resource. Check each worksheet description for the applicable standard.

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pre-primer dolch word list - alphabetical order

Kindergarten Dolch Sight Words

This section is a compilation of all the kindergarten Dolch sight words resources on this site. They include Dolch pre-primer sight words as well. The pre-primer version of a resource will be right next to the kindergarten version of that same resource. There are 40 pre-primer words and 52 primer words (kindergarten sight words). Dolch’s 95 nouns and 150 phrases are included here as well, as some of these (though not all) are applicable to kindergarten.

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fry list - the first 100

Kindergarten Fry Words

Kindergarten Fry words are the high-frequency words that are  most frequently used in the English vocabulary. They should be taught first to children who are learning to read. They include words like the, and, a, I, in, is, it, etc. Beginning readers would have a hard time learning to read without these words to glue their sentences together! The high-frequency words on these pages are actually the first 100 Fry words. Please note that the first 50 are meant for kindergarteners and the second 50 for first graders.

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sight word a

Sight Word Practice Worksheets

Each of these sight word practice worksheets zeros in on one sight word and uses it in three very short sentences. First, children read the sentences. Second, they trace the sight word neatly on the primary writing lines. Last, they choose one of the sentences and draw a picture to go with it. They might be able to incorporate all the sentences into one picture. You can reinforce the concept of how words are put together make sentences.

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sight words worksheet - am on chair

Sight Words Worksheets

These sight words worksheets use three sight words to make a sentence. Children read and trace the sight words. Next, they read the sentence and rewrite it on the line in their very best printing. Lastly, they draw and color a picture that goes with the sentence. A practical example of how words are put together to make sentences. You can point out the capital letter at the beginning of each sentence and ending punctuation.

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Color by Sight Word - A Duck

Color by Sight Word

These color by sight word worksheets are a twist on the old favorite color by number pages. Kids read the sight word sentences, match the sight words to the colors, and color the spaces in. Your kids will have fun and stay occupied, but most of all they’ll be reading, matching, and of course, socializing as they color. When they’re done you get the honor of telling them what an awesome job they’ve done and how proud of them you are!

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Emergent Reader - My Book of Blue Things - Sight Word Book

Emergent Readers Sight Word Booklets

These emergent readers sight word booklets each focus on one pre-primer sight word in simple sentences with repetitive text. Emergent readers need sight words written in simple sentences with strong picture associations. These booklets meet that need. Students read the sentence, trace the focus sight word, and color the pictures. There are plenty of pages that come with each booklet. Use all of them or just a few of them. They’re easy to modify for your awesome and special little learners.

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