Kindergarten Counting Worksheets

We’ve rounded up a slew of kindergarten counting worksheets in all kinds of shapes and sizes! The worksheet sets are presented in a progressive manner. We start with simple one-to-one correspondence (matching) worksheets, move on to count to 3, then lots of counting to 10 worksheets (some of which use fun craft supplies), counting without starting from the number one, counting shapes, and finish up with counting to 20 and 30, and counting by 2’s to 50 and by 5’s to 100.

130 worksheets

CCSS  K.CC.A.2, K.CC.A.3, K.CC.B.4, K.CC.B.4a, K.CC.4b, & K.CC.B.5

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one-to-one correspondence

One-to-One Correspondence

One-to-one correspondence can be thought of as simply matching objects that are the same or that go together. When learning to count, children need to learn to match one number to one object – the number one to the first object and the number two to the second object, etc. Watching children at this stage of counting is sure to put a smile on your face!

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Count to 3 - Matching Stars and Numbers

Count to 3

Like they say, “You’ve got to start somewhere!” and to count to 3 seems like a logical place to start. The Three Musketeers weren’t popular for nothin’. Or were they The Three Mouseketeers? (You know, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.) Anyway, getting back on track here…just like watching the antics in their favorite cartoons, kids love to practice counting. Skills include counting (of course), tracing, cutting and glueing, drawing objects, matching, reading or recognizing number words, and lastly, coloring.

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Counting to 1 - Flowers

Counting to 10

This set of counting to 10 worksheets is focused on learning how to count to 10 in a progressive manner. You will find two worksheets for each number between one and ten. Each worksheet has four sets of the same number of objects, providing kids with the opportunity to practice counting to the same number several times. Yes, this is reinforcement and repetition! But in a really fun way. Have kids count the objects in each set and write the number on the line. Then they can color, which is half the fun….

20 worksheets

Count to 10 - Apple Tree

Count to 10 - with a Dash of Fun!

Counting to 10 is taken to the next level with this set of count to 10 worksheets. Get out your crayons, fuzzy balls, googly eyes, yarn, glitter, jewels and more! Kids practice counting to 10 and color in, stick on things, glue things down – also known as “practicing fine motor skills”. Look for monsters, jewelry, penguins, bubbles, stars, snowflakes, popcorn (yum!), cupcakes and more on these fun worksheets! Some materials need to be prepared beforehand.

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Counting Objects - Bathtub Toys

Counting Objects - Up to 10

Kids love to practice counting objects, especially when there is a theme for the objects as there are in these counting worksheets. Look for the aliens, bathtub toys, fall leaves, camping equipment, and picnic lunch (ants and all!), to name a few. Kids count the objects in each of the four sets, write the numbers on the lines and color. Read the object descriptions to the kids ahead of time and see if they read them to their neighbors while they count them. Answer sheets are included.

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Number Order - Sunny Sunflowers

Number Order

Children love to count, but the trick comes when they have to count starting from a number other than 1. It may take a little getting used to, counting in number order like this, but kids eventually get the hang of it. When they figure it out they usually feel pretty good about themselves. And of course, you’ll feel great about them, too! After kids fill in the missing numbers they can color the objects in a pretty or colorful pattern.

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Kindergarten Counting - Up to 1 Shape

Kindergarten Counting - Shapes

These kindergarten counting worksheets have the basic shapes of squares, circles, rectangles, and triangles. Each worksheet has four sets of zero to ten shapes for kids to count and a primary writing line to write the number on. The number of shapes on each worksheet increases as you scroll down the page. Use to compliment your geometry lessons. Have kids say how many of each shape and the name of the shape, “four triangles”, “three circles”, etc. for practice using verbal skills.

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Counting to 11 - Bears

Counting Numbers 11-20

This set of worksheets are a good bet to help kids get the hang of counting numbers 11-20. Each worksheet has four sets with the same number of objects to reinforce counting to a specific teen number. Check out the fun graphics themes – bugs, fruit, seashells and sand dollars, butterfly life cycle, musical instruments, fun fish, bears, weather, and more! Kids simply count the objects and write the numbers on the lines. Then they can color if they have time.

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Counting to 20 - Trace the Even Numbers

Counting to 20

Counting to 20 is a big step. Kids know they’ve mastered the big “10” and they get to move on to this new challenge. You feel good, too, because it a milestone achieved and a skill mastered. It feels good to mark “counting to 10” off on the assessments and keep moving your kids along in learning and growing in their counting skills. In these worksheets kids trace the numbers, write the missing numbers on the lines, or fill in the missing numbers in the boxes.

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Counting to 21 - Cars - Kindergarten Counting Worksheets

Counting Numbers 21-30

Counting to 30 is a big task for kindergarteners. These counting numbers 21-30 worksheets have two to three sets per page. Each page targets counting to one specific number, so all the sets on that page will have the same number of objects is each set. Great practice for kindergarteners who are doing really well with counting and need an extra challenge. Worksheet themes include cars, hats, sweets, veggies, looking for clues, sailing, game pieces, and more!

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Counting to 30 - Trace the Even Numbers - Kindergarten Counting Worksheets

Counting to 30

These counting to 30 worksheets are for kids who’ve mastered counting to 10 and counting to 20. While still writing numbers 1-20 and counting to 20, they add on to those numbers 21-30, providing more of a challenge. A great way to start mastering number order for 21-30 before going into first grade. Rather than counting objects, these worksheets have kids trace, write on the lines, or fill in the blanks for numbers 1-30. Great assessment tool, too.

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Counting by 2's to 50 - Trace Every Other Number - Tracing the Numbers

Counting by 2's to 50

2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? Skip counting by 2 worksheets! Hooray! Okay, enough of that! These skip counting by 2s to 50 worksheets give kids the opportunity to fill in the blanks, write on the primary writing lines, and trace the numbers. If you count by 2s in class, kids will be more aware of the count by 2 sequence and these will be easier for them. Work from tracing the numbers to filling in the blanks, saying the numbers as they are written.

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Counting by 5's to 100 - Trace Ten Numbers

Counting by 5's to 100

While there is no standard for counting by 5s to 100 in kindergarten, you may want to jump the gun a bit and give the kids who seem ready for it an extra challenge. You can use these worksheets as assessments, too. To count by 5s to 100, kids trace the numbers, write on the lines, or fill in the empty boxes. You can pair these worksheets with these skip counting by 5’s to 100 worksheets.

9 worksheets