First Grade Phonics

Who can we all thank for our ability to read? A teacher, of course! And where does a good amount of that beginning reading take place? Mostly in first grade. And a much of that is through first grade phonics instruction: learning individual sounds, blended sounds, the sounds made by vowel teams, how to break words into syllables, and so much more. Hopefully the resources here will help you with this giant task! (More to come in the near future.)

3 sets of flash cards

CCSS  RF.1.2b & RF.1.3a

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beginning consonant blends flashcards - b-w

Beginning Consonant Blends Flashcards

These beginning consonant blends flashcards have all 36 blends.  The first set is the plain Jane version in no-nonsense black and white. The second set comes in a nice bright pink. The third set comes with eight words for each blend so kids can practice the blends. Some words are harder than others. For longer lasting flashcards, print them on cardstock and laminate. Print multiple black and white sets for center times and use a different color cardstock for each set.

3 sets of beginning consonant blends flashcards.