First Grade Handwriting Practice

Here are some handy dandy handwriting practice worksheets. So far, there are some basic letter tracing worksheets that will be a great help for having kids get the formation of the letters down. You can have your kids practice a few letters on a white board first, remembering to write from top to bottom and left to right. Then have them move to these handwriting practice worksheets, writing neatly and carefully. As they say, practice makes perfect!

52 worksheets

CCSS L.1.1.A

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Letter Tracing - Lower Case a - Handwriting Practice Worksheets

Letter Tracing - Lower Case Letters

These letter tracing worksheets are more of a drill and practice. They repeat the same letter formation over and over to strengthen and solidify letter writing skills. Each letter is repeated 5 times on 7 lines for a total of 35 awesome opportunities to practice writing each letter. Talk about awesome opportunities, kids can talk a little while they write, thereby practicing speaking skills. That is if they don’t get too easily distracted. Here’s another idea – put on some music while they write!

26 worksheets

Letter Tracing - Upper Case A - Handwriting Practice Pages

Letter Tracing - Upper Case Letters

Here’s a bunch of letter tracing worksheets for the upper case letters! These are for kids who already know how to form the letters and just need that extra practice to get the lines a little straighter and the curves a little smoother. Each page has an upper case letter 35 times, 5 times on each of 7 lines. Which one of your kids will be the superhero? That’s not the one who finishes first, but the one or ones who gives it their very best superhero efforts.

26 worksheets