First Grade Addition

The first grade addition worksheets in this section include missing addend worksheets for sums of 11-20 at this time. Each section has 30 worksheets with various graphics themes that are sure to put a smile on kids faces. Each sum has a set of 6 worksheets with 12, 15, 24 or 30 problems per page for the various levels of learners in your class. Great practice to reinforce those addition facts. Look for more addition worksheets for first grade in the future!

60 worksheets


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missing addends - sums of 11 - happy pirate

Missing Addends - Sums of 11-15

There are a slew of missing addends worksheets in this section! In each worksheet children will fill in the missing addend for one particular sum. This targets specific addition facts and strengthens skills for each sum. Start with sums of 11 and work up to sums of 15. Each sum comes in a different theme – pirates, insects, woodland animals, monsters, and zoo animals. Each sum has 12, 15, 24 or 30 problems per page for differentiated learners.

30 worksheets, 6 for each sum.

missing addend - sums of 16 - hot air balloon

Missing Addend Worksheets - Sums of 16-20

Here you go! Even more missing addend worksheets! These worksheets provide targeted yet differentiated practice for sums of 16 through 20. Each worksheet has one targeted sum and they have 12, 15, 24 or 30 problems per page. Every sum has one specific graphics theme – transportation, Lego superheros, under the sea, circus animals, and mice that love strawberries. Use for simply practicing facts (a great tutoring tool!), in leveled math centers, or as a math time filler.

30 worksheets, 6 for each sum.