Alphabet Letters

Alphabet letters are an essential in  the classroom, especially in the lower elementary grades. The alphabet sets on these pages come in primary colors or bright bold colors. Check out our two awesome sets of alphabet posters. Then scroll down for all three different font styles of alphabets, two in upper and lowercase and one in uppercase only. Finally, check out each set as some come in poster size, half page size, quarter page size, and more. Think of the possibilities of how you can use them!

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alphabet letter a - plaid and polka dot

Big Alphabet Letters - Plaid and Polka Dot

Take a look at these big alphabet letters! Imagine them posted up on the walls in your classroom, so colorful, brightening up the whole place. Or just use them for your letter of the week lessons. With a traditional block print these would be perfect for dressing up your lessons for each alphabet letter.

27 pages of 8 1/2 x 11″ letters in plaid and polka dot. These do not come in lowercase.

medium alphabet letters - plaid and polka dot - ABCD

Medium Alphabet Letters - Plaid and Polka Dot

These medium alphabet letters coordinate with our big alphabet letters in plaid and polka dot.  Brightly-colored and ready to cheer up your classroom! You can use the small set for bulletin board titles, kids can put them in alpha order, or play matching games. Whatever you can imagine or dream up!

13 pages. Three sets, each in a different size. These do not come in lowercase.

polka dot letters uppercase a

Polka Dot Letters - Uppercase Letters

Unlike the book Put Me in the Zoo, the spots on these polka dot letters don’t change colors, but the letters do! Primary colored printable uppercase letters will add some spice to your walls.  You or your kids point to them and practice saying the letter names and their sounds. As an added bonus, you can have the kids name the primary colors.

27 pages of 8 1/2 x 11″ letters

polka dot letters - lowercase a

Polka Dot Letters - Lowercase Letters

These polka dot letters in lowercase match perfectly with my polka dot uppercase letters. They have white polka dots on letters that come in the primary colors of blue, red, and yellow, with green thrown in, too. These letters would be great to use on classroom walls, posted as letter of the week, you name it. Have fun with them.

27 pages of 8 1/2 x 11″ lowercase letters

stripes and candy colorful letters - uppercase a

Stripes and Candy Colorful Uppercase Letters

The time to party is here! This festive set of stripes and candy colorful uppercase letters has come to brighten up the whole place. In six colors, each letter has a diagonally striped frame in the same color. In four sizes you’ll never be at a loss for how to creatively use them with your kids at home or in your classroom.

49 pages of letters in three different sizes

stripes and candy colorful letters lowercase a

Stripes and Candy Colorful Lowercase Letters

Why are these called “stripes and candy” colorful lowercase letters? They remind me of those big, round swirl suckers I’ve seen at the Disneyland candy store. I have never eaten a whole sucker, but you can enjoy this whole alphabet set with just a few clicks! No sugar and no colored sticky lips or hands. Guaranteed!

27 pages of 8 1/2 x 11″ lowercase letters

Alphabet Poster - Uppercase A. Part of a set of beautiful uppercase alphabet posters!

Alphabet Posters - Uppercase Letters

Alphabet posters are a necessity in your kindergarten classroom! Kids need to see the letters with an object that starts with that sound as a reference. This set of alphabet posters includes colorful striped uppercase letters on the top and an object on the bottom. A polka dot blue background ties them all together.

26 individual posters and one entire set of 26

alphabet poster - lowercase a

Alphabet Posters - Lowercase Letters

These enchanting alphabet posters will be a great asset to your classroom! Post on the walls and point to each one as kids recite the alphabet. Use them on your bulletin board or easel for the letter of the week. Have kids recite the sounds of each letter out loud together or by themselves.

26 individual posters and one entire set