Shape Animals

Many things can be made out of shapes, including animals. When kids construct these shape animals be sure to have them┬átell you the names of the shapes they are putting together! And don’t forget that they are plane shapes (flat shapes), not three dimensional shapes. For an added dimension (get the pun!) have kids make the sounds of the animals. Now that’s fun! It is suggested that you use construction paper for these projects. You’ll also need scissors and glue. Check each instruction page for the needed supplies ahead of time.

One shape animal project

CCSS K.G.A.1 and K.G.A.2

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Shape Animals - Cat

Shape Animals – Cat

This is a great shape animals project for those of you who love our feline friends. Step-by-step illustrated instructions are included, as are all the required pattern pieces.
CCSS K.G.A.1 & K.G.A.2