Picture Addition

Our picture addition worksheets are perfect for children who are just learning to add. Starting with sums up to 3 and increasing to sums to 10, these worksheets provide a progression for learning. Children add by counting the objects and writing only the sums. Primary writing lines are provided to encourage careful and neat writing. These kinds of worksheets introduce children to the concept of putting together as well as getting them familiar with the addition sign and equal sign.

10 worksheets

CCSS K.OA.2 and K.OA.4

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Picture Addition - A Sunny Day

Picture Addition – A Sunny Day

Sums to 3. Here's a few things to remember for a day in the sun: suntan lotion, sunglasses, and a sun hat for protection. Add these items and write the sums on the lines.

picture addition fruit that grows on trees

Picture Addition – Fruit that Grows on Trees

Sums to 3. You can never get enough of the pure nutrition that comes from whole foods, that includes fruits that grow on trees - apples, peaches, oranges, and pears. Add them up and write how many.

picture addition how does your garden grow

Picture Addition – How Does Your Garden Grow?

Sums to 5. Follow the steps in this worksheet to grow a garden. When you have sunlight, plant the seeds, water them and viola!...flowers. Count the suns, seed packets, watering cans and flowers.

picture addition - shades of green

Picture Addition – Shades of Green

Sums to 5. Now here's a novelty - an addition worksheet with green things - turtles, broccoli, clover, and frogs. Add the objects and write the sums on the lines. Color different colors of green.

picture addition - blowing in the wind

Picture Addition – Blowing in the Wind

Sums to 7. Our windy day worksheet shows a kite, windsock, flag, and pinwheel moving and grooving in the wind. What else blows in the wind? Add and write how many on the lines.

picture addition - what's for lunch

Picture Addition – What’s for Lunch?

Sums to 7. This page is sure to get you thinking about what you're gonna have for lunch. Are you planning on having a hot dog, pizza, sub sandwich, or pb&j? Maybe now you will. Add each set and write how many.

picture addition - just cruisin

Picture Addition – Just Cruisin’

Sums to 9. Ever been on a cruise? You could pretend! Our cruise-themed addition worksheet has images of a ship, a captain's hat, an anchor, and a life ring. Have your kids Add them up!

picture addition - mice

Picture Addition – Mice

Sums to 9. Yikes! Where did all the mice come from? These scurrying, pensive, and resting mice make up this picture addition worksheet. Hopefully this is the only place you'll ever see so many mice in one place. Go ahead, count and add.

picture addition - cookin' up some cookies

Picture Addition – Cookin’ Up Some Cookies

Sums to 10. Gosh! Who doesn't like making some cookies? We've got all the steps right here (except licking the spoon). Mix the batter, use the oven mitt, bake the cookies, then eat! Yummy! Add the items in each step.

picture addition - things you look through

Picture Addition – Things You Look Through

Sums to 10. On this worksheets we've got some glasses, telescopes, binoculars, and cameras. Can you think of other things you look through? What could you see if you looked through each of these? Count and add all the items.