Counting Numbers 11-20

This set of worksheets are a good bet to help kids get the hang of counting numbers 11-20. Each worksheet has four sets with the same number of objects to reinforce counting to a specific teen number. Check out the fun graphics themes – bugs, fruit, seashells and sand dollars, butterfly life cycle, musical instruments, fun fish, bears, weather, and more! Kids simply count the objects and write the numbers on the lines. Then they can color if they have time.

10 worksheets


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Counting to 11 - Bears

Counting to 11 – Bears

Go ahead ... growl! Make it nice an loud so the brown bears, panda bears, polar bears, and teddy bears on this counting to 11 worksheet can hear you loud and clear!

Counting to 12 - Sea Shells and Sand Dollars

Counting to 12 – Seashells and Sand Dollars

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at the beach picking up and counting 12 seashells and sand dollars. Now open your eyes! Here they are in front of you!

Counting to 13 - Fresh Fruit

Counting to 13 – Fresh Fruit

Do you like your fruit by itself or in a salad? Either way, you can think about it while you practice counting these fresh fruits to 13 - apples, bananas, oranges and pears. Yum.

Counting to 14 - Musical Instruments

Counting to 14 – Musical Instruments

Counting to 14 will certainly not be boring with this musical instruments worksheet. Have kids count and pretend to play the instrument!

Counting to 15 - Spiders & Webs

Counting to 15 – Spiders and Webs

I hope you're not afraid of spiders because this counting to 15 worksheet is full of them! Count the spiders - and the webs - and write the numbers on the lines.

Counting to 16 - Insects

Counting to 16 – Insects

Do you like insects that crawl and fly? Well here are a handful of them all on this counting to 16 worksheet. Count the ants, bees, flies, and ladybugs. Write the numbers on the lines.

Counting to 17 - Cutting and Coloring

Counting to 17 – Cutting and Coloring

Ready for some crafty fun? Have kids count the pencils, markers, crayons, and scissors in this counting to 17 worksheet. Then draw a picture on the back!

Counting to 18 - Fun Fish

Counting to 18 – Fun Fish!

You'll be swimming with delight as you count the goldfish, puffer fish, clown fish, and angel fish on this counting to 18 worksheet. Don't forget to come up for air!

Counting to 19 - What's the Weather

Counting to 19 – What’s the Weather?

Before you count to 19 take a look outside and check the weather. Is it sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowy? Count the weather elements and write the numbers.

Counting to 20 - Butterfly Life Cycle

Counting to 20 – Butterfly Life Cycle

Spring is in the air when the butterflies emerge! Count to 20 by counting the leaves with eggs, caterpillars, chrysalises, and Monarch butterflies.